The Espingole shipwreck

The Espingole was a destroyer. She was 56m long and 6m wide and was part of the Duranda series

The Depth:
38 meters

The accesssibility :
Level 2

The diving conditions :
Very good, there is occasionally a weak current

Diving :
The destroyer leans slightly to starboard. Over the years and after some unsuccessful but aggressive attempts to refloat her, the front third separated from the rest of the hull and now lies on the seabed. In front of the boiler, the ship tilted 90 ° and it appears that the metal plating is better preserved.
The interior of the wreck is easily accessible: you can look into the various compartments without having to go into the hull. There is a load of 47 and 65 ammunition. The engines are the best preserved part of the wreck, there are many coal bricks, some stamped, accommodation for the crew, and a basic kitchen
The guns were removed but the carriages remain, they are impressive.
The propellers are still in place but are buried in the sand
You can see huge chains that had been used to attempt to refloat the ship and then were abandoned.