Whether you are a novice diver or you have experienced hundreds of dives, diving on the sites of Port-Cros is an absolute must for discovering the Mediterranean sea.

First notable point :
Unlike other marine preserves, there are around Port-Cros Island many dive sites accessible to all levels that will allow you to discover an exceptional and very varied range of fauna and flora.

Second notable point :
Diving in the area of Port Cros Island from Port-Cros island Harbour is a rare privilege. The sites are accessible in less than 20 minutes and the schedules offered by Sun Diving allow divers to often be the first on the sites ... including the famous spots of the Gabinière Island and the shipwrecks of the Greek and the Donator.

Third notable point :
With 3 boats fully equipped for diving (depending on the level of experience of the divers), Sun Diving offers unique diving conditions. Between your first dive in the morning and the second in the afternoon, you have time to return to port, to eat, to change clothes and rest.

Fourth notable point :
If you have booked in advance, it is also possible to dive around Port-Cros Island by coming to the island with the very first morning sea shuttles. You can also leave after diving in the afternoon on the last shuttle. (divers staying on the Levant Island can also come on board from the Levant Island provided they have booked in advance).

Warning :
You can arrange staying on Port-Cros Island and diving around the island, but as the accommodation capacity on the island is very limited, you often need to book in advance.

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