Discover the seabed around Port-Cros

Sun Dive Team helps you to discover these sites during supervised dives and on your first scuba dive , and more experienced divers can explore these by themselves, requiring no technical knowledge.

Diversity, beauty and abundance  are the keywords to describe the flora and fauna of the various dive sites in Port-Cros. The rocks are covered with large red gorgonians, numerous yellow or orange tubular sponge hydroids , yellow anemones and other clathrins. The rock is thus covered with a coat of colors which explode in the flashlights.

There are also Janolus Cristatuses with their beautiful lacy appearance. Fans of small animals can admire the colourful  planarians,  flabellinas (sea slugs),  also dorid nudibranchs, groups of Hypselodoris tricolors with their bright  blue bodies, and sometimes a majestic giant dory with its golden color. This extensive animal life has made the Gabinière Island  famous. You won't have to look for groupers when you dive, they'll come to you.

Since the summer of 2001, a huge school of barracudas of about 200 fish  moved  into the area, at the depth of  10-20 meters. The eagle rays are also present, often at the depth of 30-35 meters. These rays seem to fly through the water, it is a sight you will never forget !! In the rocky areas , there  are many nooks inhabited by all sizes of moray eels. We also see red scorpionfish, along with many rare specimens of starfish.

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OUR ADVICE on the local rules

  • Do not touch the fish to respect the wildlife.
  • Do not lie down or stand on the seabed. Even if it is not visible, there is life there.