Discover Port-Cros by boat

Come to Port Cros Island to discover this marvelously preserved part of the Mediterranean sea . To discover it from a rented private boat is the ideal way.

Sun Port Cros offers you the opportunity to rent different types of boat from small semi-rigid 3.80 meter boats for up to 6 people with 6hp engine requiring no license. We also offer up to 7.50 meter boats for 16 people or less, fitted with 250 hp engine requiring coastal boating license (book at least 48 hours in advance).
These boats are available for half a day or one full day, from the pier of Sun Port Cros, located in the central port and allow you the freedom to discover the creeks, coves and beaches of the island with family or friends. For example it will take you less than 30 minutes to sail from the port North East to the Baie de la Parude with its beach and underwater waymarked trail (snorkeling along the trail will take you half a day). For a trip to the Baie de Port Man, which will allow you to discover the Pointe de la Galère on the way, you will need the whole day.

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OUR ADVICE on the local rules

  • It is strictly forbidden to land on the island of Bagaud located opposite the port as well as on all the protected areas of the National Park
  • Don't forget to bring a map of the area