The activity of the National Park

To ensure efficient protection, an extensive understanding of the area is necessary.

The park is a base for research and scientific studies: land and marine surveys, changes in biodiversity, analysis of external pollution that may alter the natural environment. These observations help the National Park to administer the species and their natural habitats.

The park also has to ensure the monitoring and maintenance of its territory which receives many visitors. It organises and maintains the most visited sites carefully in order to preserve the character and spirit of the place. They restore damaged ecosystems thanks to innovative techniques in ecological engineering.

The Park also administers small-scale fishing and scubadiving by using the legislation and a fair partnership with all interested parties.

In 1997 the park was awarded the European Diploma by the Council of Europe for all its work.

Port-Cros is also now part of the European Natura 2000 network, which aims to manage and protect habitats and species of interest for the community. The park is responsible to operate and manage all the measures related to it.

Along with coordinating the implementation and monitoring of the International Sanctuary for Marine Mammals, subject to a tripartite agreement between Italy, Principality of Monaco and France. This came into effect in 1999.